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2020 G-FINDER Report breaks down the latest data on R&D investments in sexual & reproductive health

In 2018, $64 million went to researching potential new contraceptives. Policy Cures Research presents these findings, as well as other key funding trends in sexual and reproductive health innovation, in their 2020 G-FINDER Report, Sexual and Reproductive Health Research and Development: Understanding the Spectrum.

Based on responses from governments, non-profits, foundations and industry, the 2020 G-FINDER SRH report provides the most up-to-date comprehensive look at the R&D landscape for SRH health issues that disproportionately affect people in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

You can read the full report here and explore the data behind the report by checking out the G-FINDER data portal. The new G-FINDER report can also be founded in our CTI Exchange Resource Library, as can the previous 2014 G-FINDER report.

Want to hear more about the report and launch? Policy Cures Research and the CTI Exchange will also host a virtual “Guided Getaway” on contraceptive R&D investments and resources on Wednesday, August 26th at 8am EDT. Learn more and register today!

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