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Forum Highlights Global Product Introduction Strategies

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Sponsored by The Society for Family Planning, the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, and Planned Parenthood, this week’s North American Forum on Family Planning includes two sessions focused on product development and introduction.

On November 5, “New Contraceptive Products: The Pathway to Global Market Introduction,” will showcase product introduction activities aimed at increasing access to contraceptive products in low-resource settings. Experiences with Sayana® Press, Sino-implant (II), and new contraceptive vaginal rings will be shared, including regulatory strategies, client acceptability research, and national-level product introduction efforts.

The following day, “The Great Debate” panelists will offer opposing arguments about two key questions at the intersection of hormonal contraception (HC) and HIV — Should DMPA be restricted in women at risk of HIV acquisition and should hormonal contraceptives be restricted in HIV-positive women taking antiretroviral therapy?

An exhibitor at the forum, FHI 360 will be sharing updates on its contraceptive technology innovation portfolio– including information about the CTI Exchange and Calliope, the Contraceptive Pipeline Database. When stopping by FHI 360’s booth (#187), be sure to test your CQ – Contraceptive (Intelligence) Quotient.