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Initiative for MPTs (IMPT) launches talk series with a conversation about cervicovaginal microbiota

The Initiative for MPTs (IMPT) is launching a discussion series called "Let's Talk MPTs" which is aimed at benefiting multipurpose prevention technologies (MPT) researchers and increasing interest in the MPTs among newer stakeholders. The series will cover an array of topics including socio-behavioral and market research, toxicity studies, policy and advocacy, and more.

The series begins tomorrow with a conversation on the role of cervicovaginal microbiota in the development of contraceptives and MPTs, which will be lead by experts in the field: Jacques Ravel, PhD, MSc (University of Maryland) and Jennifer Deese, PhD, MPH (RTI International).

Register now: http://bit.ly/LTmptsDEC20 and join this exciting discussion at 10:30am ET!

Recordings from this event are now available here.