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Missing Links Webinar to focus on Increasing Contraceptive Access

Registration is open for “The Missing Links,” the second of a four-part webinar series on how to expand contraceptive choice for adolescents and youth, including access to long-acting reversible contraception (LARC). The webinar will focus on additional evidence needed to support implementation of FP2020’s  Global Consensus Statement at regional, national, and global levels. The webinar will be held from 10-11 AM EDT on Thursday, May 18.

Caitlin Parker of the Contraceptive CHOICE Project will share how evidence from domestic research can be used to advance global programs expanding contraceptive choice for adolescents. Holly Burke of FHI 360 will explore special considerations when researching adolescent access to LARC as well as priorities for future research and programming in low and middle income countries.

Dates for Part 3 (The Global Financing Facility and FP2020) and Part 4 (The Global Consensus Statement as a tool for advocacy) of the webinar series are yet to be announced.