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Planning for Outcomes Tool Helps Estimate Impact of Changing Contraceptive Method Mix

Observational studies have raised concerns about the potential link between the use of progestin-only injectable contraception – specifically depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) – and increased risk of HIV acquisition. In response, FHI 360 has developed the Planning for Outcomes (P40) modeling tool. The interactive tool enables users to estimate the impact of changing the proportion of injectables in the contraceptive method mix on key maternal and child health (MCH) and HIV outcomes in 22 countries, including 20 in sub-Saharan Africa. Countries can use the results from the model to assess how restrictions on DMPA use could affect MCH and HIV outcomes and what might be needed to compensate for such restrictions.

The tool is included in the new Results 4 Informed Choice platform, developed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, which can help stakeholders plan and execute a response to any new evidence that is obtained through the Evidence for Contraceptive Options and HIV Outcomes (ECHO) trial that is currently ongoing.

You can also access the P4O tool via the CTI Exchange resource library.