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Request for literature on implementation strategies to scale up self-administered DMPA-SC injections

The Contraception and Fertility Care Unit of the UNDP–UNFPA–UNICEF–WHO–World Bank Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction (HRP), Department of Sexual Reproductive Health and Research, at the World Health Organization has commissioned a scoping review on the strategies to scale up self-administered subcutaneous depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA-SC) injections. This will aid a better understanding of the barriers that prevent effective implementation of self-administered DMPA-SC programs and provide solutions to these implementation problems.

Research has shown that the self-administration of DMPA-SC is a feasible, safe, and effective contraceptive method. Users who self-administered DMPA-SC show higher continuation rates at one year compared with those who had provider-administered injections. DMPA-SC has been registered for self-injection in many countries. Still, there are challenges to interventions to roll out this new efficacious contraceptive method, and major implementation issues have been encountered for scale-up. Another challenge is that many of these interventions are described in the grey literature and not published in peer-reviewed publications.

The scoping review teams is hoping to identify any literature, including academic articles, white papers, (project) reports, measurement tools or topic guides, etc., covering issues related to implementation strategies to scale up self-administered DMPA-SC injections. If you are aware of this literature, kindly share the electronic file with or before 7th December 2021.

The protocol for the scoping review can be accessed here, and the results will be shared once it is completed.

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