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Society of Family Planning Annual Meeting features several contraceptive R&D presentations

The 2020 Society of Family Planning Annual Meeting will take place virtually this year, with pre-conference sessions and networking events throughout September and October, and a livestream event on October 9-10, 2020.

The full schedule of events has plenty to offer, including access to live-preconference workshops beginning September 14, sixteen hours of on-demand sessions, community networking events, and two days of livestreamed content in October. In addition to several posters, a few of the presentations are particularly relevant to contraceptive R&D:

  • Experience and acceptability of novel male contraceptive methods - Development of male methods will be a critical breakthrough in reproductive health. NICHD’s pipeline of novel male contraceptive products includes oral and injectable formulations in phase I trials and a gel formulation undergoing Phase II efficacy evaluation in couples. Clinical updates on effectiveness and acceptability of products will be provided. On-demand session.

  • New and emerging female contraceptives expand options - This session will discuss three newly FDA-approved female contraceptives, and three products in late stage clinical trials, including efficacy and safety information. Speakers will highlight differences from and potential advantages over existing methods. Attendees will subsequently be able to apply information to their own counseling and practices. On-demand session.

  • Demystifying open access in SRH research - Much of academic literature is trapped behind paywalls that prevent many - including research partners and research subjects themselves - from accessing it. This session will explore recent advances in increasing access to scholarly literature that are particularly important for policy-relevant findings, and that help make research more visible and discoverable. Session on Oct 10 at 12:05-12:55 PM EDT

Registration is open through October 1st and is $35 for students or residents, $50 for SFP members, and $95 for non-members.