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Advance your contraceptive R&D career with these training, fellowship, and scholarship opportunities

We often talk about the future of contraceptive R&D, but the future leaders and researchers powering this innovation are just as important to support and promote!

Applications are now open for the Male Contraceptive Initiative Fellowship Program, which provides $50,000 of support annually (up to two years) for graduate and postdoctoral trainees focusing on projects related to the research and development of male contraceptives. See the full listing for more information, including eligibility and application details. Application documents and letters of support are due by April 16, 2021.

For more learning opportunities, the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition offers more than 650 training opportunities in supply chain management through the LAPTOP course-finder database (pictured below). The new and improved database includes offerings in more than five languages across 80 countries.

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