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Advance your contraceptive R&D career with these training, fellowship, and scholarship opportunities

We often talk about the future of contraceptive R&D, but the future leaders and researchers powering this innovation are just as important to support and promote!

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) can support your career path as an independent researcher through their interactive guides that show step-by-step the paths to becoming a physician-scientist, veterinarian-scientist, dentist-scientist, or research-scientist. The guides have more information available for each career stage and which NIH programs are most suitable. Check out the NIH Research Training and Career Development site to read more.

The CTI Exchange recently launched its Youth Council! The Youth Council is a platform for connecting diverse and talented youth leaders, researchers, and stakeholders to build momentum around youth engagement in contraceptive R&D. It will bring together a group of young people from around the world to directly inform the work of the CTI Exchange. If you, or young people you know, would be interested in getting involved, please reach out.

The Society for the Study of Reproduction (SSR) has announced that the deadline to submit 2022 SSR Major Awards Nominations is August 15, 2021. This nomination process is an important acknowledgment of individuals contributing outstanding work to the scientific study of reproductive biology. Send nomination materials to Dr. Melissa Pepling, Chair, SSR Awards Committee, e-mail: awards@ssr.org.

The Population Council is calling for applications for a Clinical Research Fellow at the Center for Biomedical Research (CBR) in New York, NY. The year-long position involves supporting all aspects of CBR’s clinical research and product development under the supervision of the Medical Director. The Fellow has the opportunity to work collaboratively with a team of scientists, project managers, and regulatory professionals at CBR, with Population Council researchers and administrators around the world, and with professional colleagues outside the Council. Applicants must have a medical degree and/or master’s level training with a focus on epidemiology, biostatistics, or another related field or relevant work experience. The deadline for applications is July 15th. The goal start date is September 2021. Read more and apply here!

USAID's Center for Innovation and Impact (CII) has developed publicly available e-learning courses in which learners engage with CII team member avatars, embedded videos, interactive case studies, animations, and downloadable resources. This includes a featured course titled Market Shaping and Introduction Planning for Global Health Training.

The Male Contraceptive Initiative (MCI) Fellowship Program provides $50,000 of support annually (up to two years) for graduate and postdoctoral trainees focusing on projects related to the research and development of male contraceptives. See the full listing for more information, including eligibility and application details. MCI also offers the Tucker Award, which provides up to $5,000 to support a student or professional residing outside of the United States to travel internationally for the purposes of career development related to male contraception.

MCI supports the career development of graduate and postdoctoral trainees directly through their Success program. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for any activity or need that advances the career of a trainee interested in the field of male contraception including travel grants, digital conferences, workshops, and other professional development opportunities. Apply here.

Applications are now open for the Reproductive Health Care and Advocacy Fellowship through the Reproductive Health Access Project. This one-year fellowship aims to develop leaders who will promote and teach full-spectrum reproductive health care within family medicine. Applicants must be board-certified or board-eligible family physicians who will have completed residency training in the United States. Access the full listing here.

For more learning opportunities, the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition offers more than 650 training opportunities in supply chain management through the LAPTOP course-finder database (pictured below). The new and improved database includes offerings in more than five languages across 80 countries.