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Webinar on Safety of Contraceptives for Young People

© K4Health Photoshare
© K4Health Photoshare

Everyone should have access to a wide range of safe, modern reproductive health (RH) supplies. Young people have unique needs and preferences, which should be met if they are to practice safe reproductive health choices. But how do we know for sure if RH products available today are safe for young people? How are young people, especially minors, included in clinical and behavioral trials of contraceptives? How do issues of consent and ethics impact product development? How are the hormonal levels and specific needs of young people taken into account?

These questions and more will be discussed on Wednesday, March 29 at the webinar, “Safety of Contraceptives for Young People.”  Sponsored by the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition, the webinar will begin at 10:00 EDT.  Those interested in participating can register here.