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Advancing Contraceptive Innovation

The Contraceptive Technology Innovation (CTI) Exchange is a platform intended to grow the global contraceptive research and development ecosystem through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Why Contraceptive Innovation?

Despite the availability of various contraceptive methods, more than 200 million women in developing countries want to avoid or delay pregnancy yet are not using an effective family planning method.

For some of these women, access to contraception is limited. For others, currently available methods do not meet their needs or preferences or are unaffordable. Innovative solutions are needed in the areas of product development, registration, pricing, and introduction to address these barriers.


A one-stop shop for resources related to contraceptive research and development

The CTI Exchange offers resources about contraceptive research and development, including information about products currently in development, preclinical and clinical research, and opportunities for future investment. This easily searchable resource library also includes information about regulatory requirements, quality assurance standards, intellectual property, and product introduction strategies, as well as tools for advocacy.

Join the Exchange!

The CTI Exchange looks to partners to help generate and share resources. 

Contact us with your ideas, materials, or questions, or sign up to receive more information.


We also encourage you to provide your feedback. 

To keep in touch, you can follow us on twitter, or subscribe to our newsletter, and connect with us on LinkedIn.

Press here to access CAPRI: the Contraceptive Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Database

Lists biological and chemical properties for 27 active pharmaceutical ingredients found in contraceptives, along with data on their pharmacology, toxicology, impurities, metabolites, and use in marketed products.

Press here to access Calliope: the Contraceptive Pipeline Database

Includes information on potential contraceptive targets and leads, products in pre-clinical and clinical development, and a selection of novel and long-acting products with limited market availability.

Youth engagement is a core activity of the CTI Exchange. The Youth Hub is run by the CTI Exchange Youth Council and develops, curates, and disseminates contraceptive technology resources and announcements that are most pertinent to young people.

Emerging Leaders in Contraceptive Technology Innovation is a new mentorship program that matches graduate students and young professionals interested in contraceptive technology innovation with leaders in the field for 6 months of one-on-one and group mentoring sessions. This type of mentorship is essential to supporting the next generation of contraceptive researchers and developers. 

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