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CTI Exchange Youth Council


Established in 2021, the CTI (Contraceptive Technology Innovation) Exchange Youth Council is a space for young people ages 18-28 to gain exposure and experience in contraceptive research and development (R&D) as well as share youth perspectives with professionals in the field of contraceptive R&D and product introduction worldwide. Members have the opportunity to discuss current challenges in the field, advocate for youth-related concerns, and benefit from networking opportunities. The Council is made up of approximately 40 young people from 11 different countries and focuses on advocacy, outreach, and collaboration for clarifying and building momentum around ideas and growing the next generation of contraceptive researchers and developers.  

What We're working on now:

  • Establishing connections with other young people interested in contraceptive research and development (R&D) worldwide through online and welcoming spaces to share ideas.

  • Creating a virtual space with information about student opportunities and scholarships to disseminate on social media and engage in professional development activities. 

  • Interviews with young people about their perspectives on contraceptive R&D to center youth voices.

  • Researching and writing about designing contraceptives for youth with disabilities and youth with substance use disorders.

For more information about these projects please contact us.

Youth Council Members

Shubra Singhal.png

Shubra Singhal

Tirupati, India


Danita Mathew

Tulsa, OK, USA

Fathima Aslaha TR.png

Fathima Aslaha T R

Tirupati, India


Shreyas Parkhie

Tirupati, India

Margaret Gaw.png

Margaret Gaw

Durham, NC, USA

Senkyire Ephraim Kumi.png

Senkyire Ephraim Kumi

Accra, Ghana

More council member bios coming soon
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