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The CTI Exchange's resource library offers information about contraceptive research and development, regulatory requirements, quality assurance, product introduction, and advocacy. This is a subset of resources from that library curated with young people in mind.


YLabs designs, tests, and advocates for youth-driven solutions that address the biggest challenges to young people's health and economic opportunity worldwide.

Violet: Sexual and Reproductive Health Information

The Violet project is a teen-focused, doctor-reviewed resource that makes reliable and comprehensive reproductive health education accessible to teens and young adults through a digital platform. Additionally, the project provides young people with sexual and reproductive health services (including condoms, menstrual hygiene products, and sexually transmitted infection(STI) testing) free of charge, increasing access and privacy through an online ordering system.

Sex, etc.

Created for teens, by teens, this website provides accurate and honest information to improve teen sexual health, as well as various ways for adolescents to get involved in various campaigns around sexual and reproductive health.

Planned Parenthood Chatline

Trained sexual health educators are available to answer questions about sexual health and wellbeing via a free and confidential chat tool hosted by Planned Parenthood.

Options for Sexual Health

This online resource offers sexual and reproductive healthcare, information, and education from a feminist, pro-choice, sex positive perspective.

National Institute for Reproductive Health: Youth Initiatives

NIRH has a long history of lifting up the voices of young people, advocating for the sexual health information they need, and supporting partners across the country who work with youth to advance access to comprehensive sex education.

International Youth Alliance for Family Planning

IYAFP commits to working on comprehensive SRHRJ issues, a platform which includes access to modern contraception, access to safe abortion, LGBTIQ+ rights, and more.

Coalition for Positive Sexuality

This website offers resources and tools for teens to take care of their sexual health and affirm their decisions regarding sex, sexuality, and reproductive control.

Center for Young Women's Health and Young Men's Health

These websites provide information targeted at adolescents, including guides on a variety of sexual health topics, such as contraception, STIs, LGBT+ health, and puberty.


This online birth control support network provides accurate and honest information to help young people find the birth control method that's right for them and use their method effectively.

Advocates for Youth

This organization advocates for policies and programs that help youth make informed and responsible decisions about their reproductive and sexual health.

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