CAPRI: the Contraceptive Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Database

Lists biological and chemical properties for 27 active pharmaceutical ingredients found in contraceptives, along with data on their pharmacology, toxicology, impurities, metabolites, and use in marketed products.

Calliope: the Contraceptive Pipeline Database

Includes information on potential contraceptive targets and leads, products in pre-clinical and clinical development, and a selection of novel and long-acting products with limited market availability.

Contraceptive Drug Interactions

A database that catologues potential interactions between contraceptive drugs and durgs from other therapeutic classes. Changes in drug pharmacokinetics, effectiveness, and adverse effects are provided.

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NICHD Contraceptive Infertility Target Database (CITDBase)
G-FINDER Sexual and Reproductive Health Report 2020
"Intended" podcast by Male Contraceptive Initiative (MCI)
Planning for Outcomes (P4O)

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