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Establishment of the African Medicines Agency (AMA)

This month the African Medicines Agency (AMA) treaty was ratified by 15 African Union member countries putting into motion a plan that will support African countries to better regulate medical products and coordinate the regulation of medicines across the continent. A press release from the African union states that:

"The main purpose of AMA shall be

i. To coordinate on-going regulatory systems,

ii. To Strength and harmonize efforts of the African Union-recognized RECs, RHOs and Member States,

iii. To provide regulatory guidance,

iii. To Complement and enhance collaboration and contribute to improving patients’ access to quality, safe and efficacious medical products and health technologies on the continent."

This is a major step in regulatory harmonization and transparency, which will make it easier to enter African markets. Read the African Union's full press release here and more about what this means for the continent from Health Policy Watch here.

Photo credit: African Union



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