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Launch of the self-care learning and discovery series

The Self-Care Learning and Discovery Series hosted by the White Ribbon Alliance and the Self-Care Trailblazer Group launches today and continues through the end of August. The series is a highly interactive, virtual forum where participants will exchange and incubate ideas, experiences, and solutions on a variety of self-care topics, including self-care for family planning. Register to join the series here.

The full list of series events includes:

  • June 29: The Role of Supportive Self-Care Environments in Advancing Menstrual Equity

  • July 1: Self-Care Products from Innovation to Implementation: Lessons from HIV and Family Planning

  • July 13: Digital Self-Care Revolution: Lessons and Opportunities

  • July 13: Self-managed abortion: Dismantling the Myths, Power Dynamics and Challenges Along the Journey

  • July 14: National Self-Care Guidelines: Developing Health Policy Architecture with Individuals at the Center

  • July 28: Making Self-Care Count by Measuring What Counts

  • July 29: Self-Care: Transforming Opposition to Support

  • August 2: Shaping Law and Policy to Support Self-Care: The Role of Rights-Holders and Duty-Bearers: Policy and Legal Frameworks to Support Self-Care during COVID-19 and Beyond

  • August 3: Self-Care and UHC: How Self-Care Can Help Leave No One Behind

  • August 11: In Our Own Words: Re-Defining Self-Care From the Perspective of a Young Person

  • August 12: Self-Care and Strengthening the Patient-Provider Dynamic: The Evolving Role of Healthcare Providers in Advancing Self-Care & User Autonomy for Health

  • August 16: Self-Care’s Role in Bodily Autonomy, Liberation, and Gender Transformation

  • August 19: Know Thyself: Behavioral Insights into Self-Care Decision-Making and Empowerment

  • August 24: Self-Care Everywhere: Innovative Approaches to Achieving Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Humanitarian and Fragile Settings

  • August TBD: Self Care’s Role in Mental Well-Being: Defining Self Care for the Individual

  • August 25: More Love: Global Lenses on Respectful Care and Self-Care

Join the series here!