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Male Contraception Initiative RFA is Now Open

© Photo Credit: MCI

MCI’s 2019 FRA is open for submission. This funding will support research in reversible, non-hormonal male contraceptive discovery and development. MCI intends to fund up to five grants, ranging from $150,000 to $300,000 over two years. MCI’s Priority Research Areas include:

  • Post-meiotic phase of spermatogenesis

  • Sperm functions required for normal fertilization, such as sperm motility and the acrosome reaction

  • Post-testicular processes required for fertility, including epididymal maturation and sperm transport in the excurrent ducts

  • Other processes that lead to fast-acting, reversible male contraceptives

  • The potential for Multipurpose Prevention Technology (MPT) products acting against sexually transmitted infections

Application are due by May 31, 2019. Additional information and the application can be found here.


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