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NIH Announces Funding for Novel Contraceptive Methods

The National Institutes of Health has released a new funding solicitation to support the development of novel nonsteroidal contraceptive methods. Funds will be granted to organizations working to develop novel products for men or women that act prior to fertilization, with the goal of positioning innovative methods of contraception for future clinical development.

The NIH is looking for early stage projects and intends to commit $3.0 million to up to 8 awardees in 2018. Grantees will start in the early development R61 phase, with maximum direct costs of $250,000 per year. If successful in the R61 phase, projects may transition into a $500,000 per year R33 phase, pending NICHD approval.  The R61 and R33 phases of the award may last up to two and three years, respectively.

Applications for the grant will be accepted from October 6th to November 6th, 2018.


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