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NIH to fund Next Generation MPTs

The National Institutes of Health has released a new funding solicitation to support development of the next generation of multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs).  Proposed research should focus on designing/testing MPTs that prevent pregnancy and HIV infection in women.  MPTs must combine a licensed contraceptive and an anti-HIV drug delivered using drug delivery systems with rheological/biophysical properties and product user perceptions (look, feel, effectiveness, safety and duration of action) compatible with current long-acting reversible contraceptive strategies.

NIH support will be two-pronged— Research for Phase 1 will be funded for up to three years using an R-61 mechanism ($800,000 in annual direct costs).  Up to two years of additional funding for Phase 2 activities will be provided through an R-33 ($1,600,000 in annual direct costs).

Applications are due March 19, 2018.  NIH intends to fund two or three awards, with projects expected to start in December 2018.


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