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Seminar Series Presentation: Acceptability Research in SRH Prevention Technology Development

Join the Population Council's Center for Biomedical Research Seminar Series presentation, “Designing for Users— Acceptability Research in Sexual and Reproductive Health Prevention Technology Development,” presented by Barbara Friedland on Tuesday, September 19 at 9am EDT!

This seminar will focus on the role of acceptability research throughout the product development process—from research to explore end-users’ interests and needs to inform product development, acceptability in the context of clinical trials, and engagement of end-users and stakeholders in introduction of new technologies.

Barbara Friedland, MPH is a Senior Associate, based at the Center for Biomedical Research of the Population Council in New York City. Friedland has been implementing clinical and behavioral research to advance the development and introduction of reproductive health technologies at the Population Council for more than two decades. Her current research focuses on studies to assess how product-, provider- and end user-related factors influence acceptability, adherence, and method continuation.



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