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Vibliome Therapeutics Wins MCI Research Grant

Scientists at Vibliome Therapeutics are investigating a drug candidate that is a highly selective inhibitor of HIPK4 (Homeodomain-Interacting Protein Kinase 4), a gene essential for male fertility. Earlier research conducted at Stanford University found that ablating this gene in male mice impaired spermiogenesis, preventing sperm from maturing properly. The Vibliome research caught the interest of the Male Contraceptive Initiative  (MCI) which has awarded the team $500,000 to further develop this novel, non-hormonal lead.

“Vibliome’s selective inhibitor research is a great application of our core technology that provides for unprecedented selectivity,” said Robert Goodwin, the CEO of Vibliome. “Selective inhibition of kinases has applications for therapeutic benefit well beyond the oncology indications for which commercial kinase inhibitors are currently licensed.  We are very much looking forward to advancing our HIPK4 inhibitor lead to clinical testing as a new approach to male contraception.”

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