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Clinical Trials Day 2021

May 20th is Clinical Trials Day, which is a well-deserved ‘time out’ to recognize the people who conduct clinical trials and provides the community with a unique opportunity to raise awareness of clinical trials – and of clinical research as a career option – among the greater public. The day is sponsored and promoted by the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP). The theme for Clinical Trial Day 2021 is "We Rise". COVID-19 made 2020 the most challenging year in decades – but clinical researchers rose to the challenge. Those working on contraceptive clinical trials are no exception. The CTI Exchange would like to acknowledge and celebrate the amazing researchers, coordinators, medical professionals, and others who rapidly adapted and thought creatively in order to continue the important work of contraceptive R&D throughout a global pandemic.

Engage with the larger community celebrating this day on social media tagging @ACRP and using the #CTD2021 and #clinicaltrialsday hashtags.



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