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Contraception is a Men's Issue!

Monday, September 26th is World Contraception Day! Please join WHO and the IBP Network for a special webinar and interactive session on Male Contraception. Panelists will be discussing new research, contraceptive options, and policy implications for male contraception. Over the past few decades male engagement in family planning has operated from the perspective of pregnancy prevention being primarily a woman’s responsibility, with the male partner playing a secondary role in supporting women’s access to and uptake of contraception. However, reinforcing men’s supporting role may have inadvertently cemented women’s contraceptive burden and exacerbated gender inequitable roles.

Objectives of the Session: 1. To bring awareness to available male contraceptive options 2. To enlighten participants on research efforts on male contraception 3. To call for renewed focus on male contraception and discuss more partner engagement

This special webinar and interactive session is 10:00am - 12:00pm eastern time (4:00pm-6:00pm CEST)

Register Here:

Interpretation will be available in French and Spanish


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