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Launch of FP2030 Commitments

Over the past nine years, governments, civil society, multilateral organizations, donors, the private sector and the research community, have come together around an ambitious goal: to enable 120 million additional women and girls to use modern contraception by 2020 (FP2020). Working together in partnership, much has been achieved, but more remains to be done. The global family planning community agreed that the gains of the last nine years should be sustained by extending this pivotal partnership. Through a global consultation, stakeholders from around the world provided their input on the future of family planning. Together, the community created a shared vision for 2030 that builds on progress achieved to date, adapts the partnership in response to the lessons of the first nine years and positions us to achieve the future women and girls around the world are asking for (FP2030).

Recently, FP2030 hosted a virtual event titled "Transformational and Intersectional Commitments for a Stronger Family Planning Movement". This event celebrated the first FP2030 commitments, and highlight a series of inspiring speakers from across the global health and humanitarian sectors with a focus on building a more inclusive and diverse movement than ever before. Speakers included Mariama Abdou Gado, Vice-Chair of the FP2030 Transition Oversight Group (TOG); Marie Ba, Ouagadougou Partnership Coordination Unit; Chris Elias, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; and many more. The full recording can be viewed below and new FP2030 commitments are being added to the commitment site as they are made.