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MCI’s Lemonade Stand series tackles ethics of male contraceptives, clinical trials, and more

The Male Contraceptive Initiative launched their “Lemonade Stand” discussion series as a way to bring the male contraception research community together in a virtual space during the COVID-19 pandemic, “making lemons into lemonade by connecting and sharing.” The webinar series covers a variety of emerging questions from the field to drive the advancement of male contraception from clinical trials to market, including the regulatory process, manufacturing process, funding, market research and more. Register for upcoming events and watch recordings of past conversations using the links below.

Register for upcoming discussions:

  • Youth Leading the Way: The Future of Male Contraception - Join MCI on April 20th at 3:30 EST for a presentation from four young people in the field of male contraception. Attendees will hear from Kenitimi Bikikoro on his work searching for new targets, Madeline Mahoney on her work understanding the perceptions of people who have gotten vasectomies, and Simran Mayra and Diba Dindoust as they explore drug repurposing.

Missed a previous discussion? Check out the recordings:

Stay tuned for information about the next conversation!



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