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MCI’s Lemonade Stand series tackles ethics of male contraceptives, clinical trials, and more

The Male Contraceptive Initiative launched their “Lemonade Stand” discussion series as a way to bring the male contraception research community together in a virtual space during the COVID-19 pandemic, “making lemons into lemonade by connecting and sharing.”

So far, the webinar series has covered a variety of emerging questions from the field to drive the advancement of male contraception from clinical trials to market, including the regulatory process, manufacturing process, and multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs). Stay tuned for ongoing conversations.

Missed a previous discussion? Check out the recordings:

Join the next conversation!

Join MCI for their next discussion, Triptonide as a Non-Hormonal Male Contraceptive with Dr. Wei Yan, on Wednesday, April 14th at 2:00pm EST.

During the session, Dr. Wei Yan will present recently published results from his team’s investigation of triptonide as a reversible non-hormonal method of male contraception. Their work, published in Nature Communications on 23 February 2021, has generated a great deal of attention with hundreds of media outlets around the world reporting on the results. A link to the full article is available here.

Register for the discussion here.


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