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New Summer Twitter Campaign: #NextGenContraception

The Contraceptive Technology Innovation (CTI) Exchange’s summer social media campaign aims to highlight the importance of new contraceptive research and development to meet the needs and preferences of women and men globally.

How can you participate?

Join us by sharing why new contraceptive method development is important to you:

Create and post of photo of yourself and/or your colleagues with a sign.

  1. Print off one of these three sign options and fill it out with a short reflection on why new contraceptive research and development is important to you. (Use dark marker so your words are visible.)

  2. Have someone take a photo of you with your sign. Encourage your colleagues to participate as well.

  3. Using the hashtag #NextGenContraception, share with the CTI Exchange by posting your photo to Twitter and tagging @ctiexchange. You can also send your image to us by email. We welcome ongoing contributions!

Participate in the “slow-motion” Twitter chat.

  1. Monitor @ctiexchange on Twitter for weekly questions about contraception method development.

  2. Share your responses by retweeting the questions and writing a response while using the hashtag #NextGenContraception.

  3. Encourage your Twitter followers to join the conversation by sharing their responses and engaging with others.

  4. Encourage other individuals and organizations in the contraceptive development arena to post their own questions, signs, and commentary while using the hashtag #NextGenContraception!

For questions or to share additional ideas for the campaign, please email us.

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