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Upcoming Webinar Series: “Mind the Gap”

The Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition is hosting a webinar series, titled “Mind the Gap”, on their latest Global Contraceptive Commodity Gap Analysis (CGA 2018). The CGA 2018 reports on the increasing demand for contraceptive products and the state of donor financing for supplies.

There will be three webinars in the series; the first will provide a general overview of the CGA 2018 and the second will focus on countries in the Latin American Region. The final webinar will discuss the ways that advocates can apply these findings.

To register, follow the links below:

Mind the Gap: Understanding the CGA 2018 (Tues, June 26, 10am EST)

Mind the Gap: Focus on Latin America (Tues, July 10, 10am EST)

Mind the Gap: Using the CGA 2018 for Advocacy (Tues, July 24, 10am EST)

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